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There are many elements that come together in a great production, and space is without doubt one of the most important. Especially in electronic music it can be quite the challenge to get real depth in your production, but there definitely are ways!

Producer, composer and dear friend of Abbey Road Institute – David Miles Huber – is going to give you insight in how to add space.. through re-amping. By stereo recording already existing drums, guitars, keys – anything basically – in a different acoustic space, you actually record the space and character of that room. That way, you can bring a natural / acoustic life back to you recordings, choose unique sounds and really distinguish your music!

David Miles Huber
David Miles Huber is a Grammy® nominated, American composer and producer. His work focuses on the downtempo, ambient and dance genres. He received his degree in music technology from Indiana University (I.M.P.), and was the first American to be admitted into the Tonmeister program at the University of Surrey in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Huber is also the author of numerous books on recording and electronic music. His CD series Relaxation and Meditation with Music and Nature has sold over one million copies. His latest music and collaborations are available through the 51bpm independent record label. Huber’s most prominent book Modern Recording Techniques was sold over 250,000 copies and became a standard recording industry text.