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Once upon a time there was a girl called Lily. Being a kid she would sneak into her mother’s closet in search of some fabrics make her own outfits. Whenever friends or family came by, she would put her outfits in order to perform for her spectators, singing, dancing and playing the piano.
As the years went by it became clear that music and dance were more than just some childish plays, they were her passions.
She grew up listening to a blend of her mom’s rock&roll vinyls and her dad’s disco recordings. Hitting the puberty was all about old school hip hop jams. After discovering a very wide range of music styles she bumped into the minimal tracks by Gui Boratto, Miss Kittn, Ame and later experienced a strong Influence of Henrick Schwarz and Culoe de Song and totally fell in love with those instrumental, authentic drums and overal the whole techno/mninmal scene.

While being a part of Antwerp’s nightlife, being a dancer in Belgium’s biggest night clubs etc. it was a matter of time she would have the urge to start her own thing. Under the supervision of the talented Niels Feijen her talents and experience finally came to useful: She became a DJ herself.
Her style is a waterfall of deep house, chicago house, techhouse and a sprinkle of raw techno.
LYA still keeps on finding her way in this amazing Wonderland. You can enjoy her creative findings in her and Niels Feijen’s booming party concept UNDER where she is the female resident DJ.