For who is Emme

Emme is for everyone who is seriously into music, DJ’ing and/or producing, beginners and advanced. Emme is for professionals who work in the music industry or aspire to do so. Get inspired by artists, DJ’s, producers, bands and succesful entrepreneurs from the music industry.

Do I have to sign in for masterclasses

No. Emme has a total capacity of 2000 seats in our 10 areas. In case you do not want to miss a certain masterclass, keynote, workshop or Q&A, we recommend to be present at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

What is the entrance cost

A ticket costs €20,- for a day, or €35,- for both days. A ticket gives you access to all parts of the event like all masterclasses/seminars, the expo floor and the networking moments.

Do I have to pay for the masterclasses

No. A regular ticket grants you access to all masterclasses.

Are tickets available at the door

Yes, but keep an eye on the website regarding the progress of ticket sales. We always recommend buying your ticket in the presales online. You save up to 5 €. Ticket prices online are 20 € a day, At the door you pay 25 €.

Is there a reduced ticket price for kids

No, there is no reduced ticket price for kids. Everyone is welcome at Emme, but you should realize that it’s an educational event. If the child is into music it’s all good, if not, we don’t think it’s wise to bring them along. Up to you.

Is Emme only a fair

In our opinion, visitors want to experience more than just a fair. During Emme, inspiration and education are number one. Our focus lies in spreading musical knowledge, networking and inspiration in our 20 hyper modern areas via masterclasses, workshops and Q&A.

Our expo floor makes Emme complete. You can get inspired by the latest gear, services and brands.

Can I buy products at Emme

We offer exhibitors and brands the possibility to sell products at Emme. Expect mainly smaller products to be sold, or buying something digitally after which it will be delivered at your home. In addition, we offer many brands a special expo discount which can be found at the stands of the represented brands.

Amateurs or professionals

Both. In the 100+ part program the level of each seminar will be indicated with ‘professional’ or ‘novice’

When will the program be announced

From June 2018 and onwards the program will be announced – The program is always subject to changes.

Can you get in contact with artists

Yes. The core of the event is to get inspired by those who have walked the path before. During each program item the audience gets time to ask questions. On the expo floor you will be able to meet artists and industry professionals.

Are tickets personal

The name of the ticket buyer appears on each ticket. So if you order multiple tickets, they will all be printed with your name on them. You can pass on the tickets to your guests, each bar code is different and unique.

Do I have to take my ID to the event

Yes, before you enter the event security can ask for your ID to check your name and age.

What is the Demodrop

At the demodrop you can showcase your tracks 1-on-1 to representatives of different labels who will provide you with feedback on the spot. This is a unique possibility for valuable feedback so make sure you have some tracks ready on a sound carrier like your laptop or mobile phone. The representatives of the labels will have their own headphones. The demodrop is a very popular element of Emme so keep in mind that there will be queues.