Every month producers of any kind of music can join our producers cafe in TRACK music centre Kortrijk, for september we put our cafe at the EMME venue to reach even more producers.

What is it ?

The invited producer talks about his work, his approach, his workflow. Most of them bring some of their most popular gear with them.But… It’s not about talking solo, it has to be a short talk, after this introduction there is lot of time to ask questions to the producer but also to other people in the cafe. So, you learn from the guest producer but also your neighbour in the cafe can be a big inspiration. The main thing is that attendees feel at ease and dare to ask questions, even though the questions may be simple or just too difficult. During the last producer cafe (june 2018) we had questions about sampling, synth settings, compressor & effect techniques which DAW for which music, live tools… So every question can be a good question. Bad questions do not exist.

Bring your own music (laptop with DAW) and headphone so you can ask dedicated questions about a project or a setting in your DAW. Someone at the cafe will surely have a good idea about
your question. Producers Dennis Cartier and Distanz are already confirmed!

The producers cafe is hosted by, and Athena schools Kortrijk (audio lessons)